Harper Woods is a pen name. She was born and raised deep in the Motown culture of Detroit, Michigan, as a devout member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion until leaving the religious cult in her mid-forties. Privileged Secrets Book 1: Seeds of Eden was her first novel, a fictional narrative based on her own life journey inside the religious cult of her childhood, exiting it, and becoming an advocate of exposing child sexual abuse kept secret behind a veil of clergy protection. In her secular career, Sherrie Berry is an independent entrepreneur and a skincare formulator whose expertise in formulation development led her to become the first in history to extract, import, and legalize hemp-based CBD (Cannabidiol). This experience, which has involved regulatory agencies, adds to the rich narrative in this fictional setting. She has been featured in Lioness and Locale magazines and her articles have appeared in DaySpa and Organic Spa magazines. She has also enjoyed giving speeches and coaching women leaders in public speaking.