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Privileged Secrets:
The Seeds of Eden

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An edge-of-your-seat criminal mystery novel based on true life
experiences inside a religious cult.

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Book One

Privileged Secrets:
The Seeds of Eden

Everything that is happening is here to teach us about our emotions

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Privileged Secrets:
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“Seeds of Eden (Book 1 of Privileged Secrets) is a strong political thriller set in a world where a new religious order. As [the book] evolves into a tense series of encounters that explores social and political challenges, it pairs action-packed scenarios with extraordinary forces reminiscent of Indiana Jones with adangerous investigation of influences of the past in the manner of The DaVinci Code... Readers who enjoy social, political, and spiritual overlays that bring characters and cults to life will appreciate how Harper Woods brings all these facets together in a tense thriller filled with many unexpected twists and turns. [The book] proves a powerful force in both its characters and storyline. It’s thoroughly engrossing, psychologically gripping, and difficult to put down. Political thriller readers are in for a treat!”

“The book is a real page turner. I couldn’t put it down and would read till I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer which for me is rare, I get bored easy. The mix of real life situations and fiction is a perfect blend. I can’t wait for book 2.”

“Harper Woods’s engrossing thriller Privileged Secrets: Seeds of Eden involves a patriarchal cult—and a centuries-old secret sisterhood that will stop at nothing to take it down. The book is set in contemporary New York, ... [but] when a character is revealed to be an ancient immortal being with super-natural abilities—the grandchild of Adam and Eve—the story takes a turn toward the mythical... . This fast-moving story is moved along by high-intensity situations and sharp wit... . The book’s depictions of sexual abuse are frequent but brief; they are always condemned. A developing romance moves at a slowpace to counter the fast moves of international espionage, ramping up anticipation for a steamy payoff... . With religious and romantic undertones, the speculative thriller Privileged Secrets relocates the battle between good and evil to a cult in New York, exposing conspiracies both human and supernatural.”

“This is for anyone who has witnessed the dark corruption in religion and the abuse of power. It reflects so much of what is being exposed right now in real life. Harper Woods sends a clear message to find your voice and use your inner power to fight back! Please hurry to publish book 2!”

“Harper Woods knows how to write, knows how to make the reader worry about the good side and fear the evil, she knows how to play with time. But the thing I liked most is how she combined all these facts in a work of fiction in a very deft way, with well-developed characters. The dynamic between Erica Pfeiffer and John Matthews is absolutely charming. Their relationship, the way they completed each other and theway their thoughts crossed and their knowledge tangled was an absolute delight to read about. One of the main things that I truly admired was the locations, the author Harper Woods takes us on a journey describing every place the characters go to through the events, which is very good... Woods must havedone a lot of research on science, religion, art, geography, philosophy and so many other branches. The amount of information in this book is maddening, and yet it is never tiring and it never feels like it drags on. The exact opposite, each small factor huge revelation stays with the reader throughout the story,like the riddles towards an even greater mystery.”

“I purchased this book with crossed fingers. Not only was I lost in the story, but I found myself not wanting to read too quickly because I didn’t want it to end. The story was so well done and the characters were so developed. I am hooked and can’t wait for more!”

“This was an excellent read, engaging from many aspects. Excellent work right out of the gate for the new author. The mysteries, both real life and fictional keep you turning page after page to find the answers. The abuse of power under the guise of misleading religious ideologies while enlightening,enrages the reader, but the hope held out for a kinder, better way leaves the reader soothed and in anxious anticipation for the next book in the series. I for one, can’t wait!”

“Excellent read!! From the moment I started reading I was hooked. The author provides plenty of suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat, enough drama and corruption to keep you both disgusted and intrigued, but you just can’t stop reading, and even a little romance for good measure. I can’t wait for book 2!!!”

“Our Temecula book club thoroughly enjoyed reading and discussing this page turner. The conversation that this book generated was not only deep but comical. We found ourselves discussing what we think would happen to the characters in the next book. I could not put this book down. The way Harper Woods wrote this book kept me intrigued chapter to chapter. Knowing that parts of this book were fact and parts fiction kept me wondering which parts were fact. The whole book seemed real and possible. I was on the edge of my seat reading this. Some good spicy romance parts kept the blood going to top off my 5 star rating I would give it 100 stars if that was available, this is a great book to read and a fun one for bookclubs. . I can’t wait for the next book.”

“Once I sat down to start reading this book, I did not put it down for hours that night! Before I knew it, I was several chapters in. Page after page, there is a carefully developed theme that ties the book together very well and made me eager to see what was just around the corner. Well-written and very engaging!”

“A very engaging read from start to finish. Although the story is fictional, the power-hungry characters, the demoralizing of women, the religious hypocrisy, and the sexual abuse of children are very real. Worthy of your attention.”

“Privileged Secrets: Seeds of Eden is captivating, often alarmingly real, and is full of surprises, twists and delightful turns. Its word pictures are vivid, and I could often smell the musty rooms it took me through. The author’s sophistication is well reflected in its combination of erudition, raunch, humour, and stunningly accurate detail in so many areas of interest.”

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Privileged Secrets: The Seeds
of Eden

A story to stir the soul, thrills the mind, and awaken the heart.

Harper Woods

Harper Woods is a pen name. She was born and raised deep in the Motown culture of Detroit, Michigan, as a devout member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion until leaving the religious cult in her mid-forties. Privileged Secrets Book 1: Seeds of Eden was her first novel, a fictional narrative based on her own life journey inside the religious cult of her childhood, exiting it, and becoming an advocate of exposing child sexual abuse kept secret behind a veil of clergy protection.

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